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Prayer Request: My family's support is not gentle [e-sports]

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My family's support is not gentle [e-sports] (Nov 16, 2022)

Prayer Request:
However, even so, the gg team did not give up, Joe even guessed the Poe team's canyon pioneer will be released at what time and where, the gg team prepared in advance, in the case of the Poe team's big advantage, the canyon pioneer Poe team actually failed to knock down the gg team under the road tower half a point of blood, was killed directly. The gg team tries to do what they can do well, but these small highlights are not enough to change the situation of the whole game. For the gg team at this time, if there is any chance to change their fate, it is probably the 20-minute refresh of Tai Lung. The gg team wants to fight, and the battle for Tai Lung is likely to break out. The gg team wanted to fight, but the Poe team did the opposite. They tried their best to avoid fighting. Several members of the Poe team with the advantage of vision squatted in the wild grass behind the big dragon pit, ready to kill the gg team who came to do the vision. Zhuang Sheng, who was born in the wild, opened his mouth and said, "the Poe assault team really doesn't want to fight. They are squatting here, and they just want to steal one or two GG assault teams to be the unlucky ones in the field of vision. When the GG assault team is reduced, they will fight Tai Lung with man advantage. In this way, the gg assault team will not have the power to rob, and it is impossible to win even if they go to fight." Several members of the Poe team squatted patiently in the grass, and soon they waited for the legendary unlucky man to appear. Joe operated the old cow all the way to the vicinity of the big dragon pit, he was getting closer and closer to the grass full of people squatting, when the Poe team was ready to make a move, Joe suddenly twisted back a step, almost exposed Poe team hurriedly re-stabilized himself to continue squatting, and Joe walked forward again at this time,Horse weight lbs, walked back again, and walked forward again. I walked back a little more. Xiao Qiao operates Lao Niu to turn around and test crazily on the edge of being gank. Liu yuan said nervously, "What is Xiao Qiao doing? There is high energy ahead. Run quickly." Baichuan, who was also born in the wild, said, "Joe did it on purpose. He guessed that he was squatting in the grass. He was just stalling for time. You see what the rest of the GG team are doing." At this time, four members of the Poe team were squatting in the grass to consume time, and only one alchemist was mentally abusing the old iron on the side, while the gg team's single, wild and ADC were quickly cleaning up the resources in the upper half of the field. Previously, because of the Poe team's wild area compression tactics, the gg team's C position had no room for development at all. Now Joe is taking advantage of the Poe team's opportunity to squat and delay more time for his teammates to eat resources. Zhuangsheng seemed to recall his fear of being dominated by Xiao Qiao. He sighed and was about to say that Xiao Qiao was really cheap. The word "cheap" was just out of his mouth when he saw the bright God smiling at him. Zhuangsheng was so frightened that he immediately changed his words, "Xiao Qiao is really cheap ~ clever, Walking tape measure ,Diameter tape measure, ice and snow smart, brilliant!" Liangshen withdrew his eyes with satisfaction, and Zhuangsheng silently wiped a bitter tear. In the game, the battle-hardened quadruple champion quickly realized that he had been tricked by Joe. Their four brothers in the grass wanted to catch Joe directly, but Joe, who had been on guard for a long time, did not give them the chance at all. Joe play essence possession, was to keep in a limit of the safe distance, at this time see the situation is not good directly turn around and run, and master several people are also immediately come to meet, Poe team to chase, gg team is more willing to play than they are. Anyway, now the gg team has a big disadvantage, it doesn't matter to fight a wave of groups, lose without loss, win and turn the tables, the Poe team can't give the gg team such a chance to fight, so although they want to play their old cow into a steak, but they are still very restrained retreat. The Poe team left the vicinity of the big dragon pit, but turned the line directly to the middle pressure, this pressure is not to remove the middle two towers, just want to lock all the main gg team in the middle, because their alchemy has never stopped with the line, as long as no one to support, the old iron tower will be taken away sooner or later. Tie Zexi was made miserable by a wretched alchemy. Although he had tried his best to delay, the two towers on the way down were finally worn away by med. No matter how good Lao Tie's state of mind is, he especially wants to roar to the sky at this time. The alchemy on the opposite side is too shameless. The two of them have been on the line for more than 20 minutes, and the alchemy has poisoned the soldiers for more than 20 minutes. He has no place to display his martial arts. He is suffocating. Old iron: "Angry hair rushes crown!"! At the railing! Strong and fierce! Thirty miles of clouds and the moon! Empty sorrow! Xiao Qiao made a row of question marks to the old iron who retreated to the highland of the road, while Bai Ji said directly, "I read less, I just want to ask, why does your Man Jiang Hong always have a feeling that everything is right and wrong?" Bai Mo: "I think the point is not this, the point is that our team pet and team bully seem to have changed from lover to teammate, and he also recited a song" Man Jiang Hong "." Lao Tie answered, "Otherwise, I'll sing" Happy Breakup "to them." The author has something to say: Thank you? _? A Yan little sister source code Le Fu Lan to understand the mines ~ Thank you, Dimple. Little sister Bai Bai Erbai doesn't know what an autistic landmine is ~ Thank you, Zhu Eucalyptus. The landmine that the little sister finally broke up on the way down ~ Thank you, little sister Mingyue Qinghuan, for coming to fatten up and then slaughter the mines ~ Thank you nine inkstone little sister white two white said he can be a clever landmine ~ Thank you for the messages from the little sisters, brothers and sisters with names and the nutrient solution from the little sisters, brothers and sisters with unknown heroes. [Late Spring Lin Meiren, look at Ben Jun's expression, giggling ~] Why are there few updates today? Because I finally bought the e-sports chair I wanted for several years with my assistant father. Then we went to Summoner Canyon together for two rounds. We've been hammered like shit in both innings,Fish measuring board, In the end, another inexplicable wave won. Assistant Dad asked what had happened. How did you win by being hammered like this? I touched the chair and said, Maybe because we are RMB players now! Chapter 366 BO361.

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