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Prayer Request: Warm Human Skin _ Li Ximin

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Warm Human Skin _ Li Ximin (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Hua Rong threw the cigarette butt into the fire, picked up the wrench in his right hand, and smashed the right elbow joint of Huzi Dad. Huzi's father couldn't dodge, and his right elbow joint was smashed. Then Hua Rong smashed his left hand joint. Huzi's father stuck out his tongue in pain and couldn't even cry out. His blood-red eyes were filled with fear. Fear of death. Hua Rong spat in his face and said, "Aren't you even afraid of ghosts?"? Aren't you bold and ruthless? Are you afraid now? Huzi's father trembled and said, "I'm afraid, I'm afraid." "What are you afraid of?" Said Hua Rong. Huzi's father said in despair, "I'm afraid of you." "What are you afraid of?" Said Hua Rong. Huzi's father said, "I'm still afraid of death." Hua Rong said, "I just want you to be afraid. I want you to know what real fear is. When you know you are going to die and you can't save your life, you are the most afraid, right?" Huzi's father said, "Yes." Yes Big Big brother. Put. Let go. I Me.. I I haven't.. Live. Live enough- " Hua Rong said, "Actually, people like you are the same whether they are alive or dead." With these words, Hua Rong swung the wrench and smashed it into his head. Hua Rong hugged Bai Xiaojie, told her the story of killing Huzi's father, and kissed her on the forehead. "Are you afraid?" Said Hua Rong. Pretending to be afraid, Bai Xiaojie went into his arms and said with a smile, "I'm afraid, afraid,cosmetic plastic tube, afraid to death." Hua Rong also smiled and said, "You just pretend that there will be a day when you are really afraid." Bai Xiaojie said, "You haven't told me what happened to Huzi's mother and Huzi." Hua Rong said: "Later I took out all my savings and prepared to give them so that they could go back to their hometown to live a stable life.". But when I went to the empty building to look for them, they were gone. I searched all the rooms in all the units in the whole building, but I couldn't find them. For several days, I searched the streets and alleys of the city for them, but there was no sign of them. Bai Xiaojie said, "Will they be taken away by the female ghost?" "I don't know,empty cosmetic tubes," said Hua Rong. "They are so pitiful," said Bai Xiaojie. Hua Rong said, "You are also very pitiful." Bai Xiaojie said, "Why?" Hua Rong said, "You are not afraid to be with a murderer." Bai Xiaojie said, "Nonsense, you are the best man in the world.". I like you to tell me the story of killing people. It's so exciting. However, the story told tonight is a little sad. Hua Rong said, "Is it because of Huzi and his mother?" "Yes," said Bai Xiaojie. Hua Rong hugged her tightly and said, "You are really a kind and silly girl." Suddenly, Bai Xiaojie smelled the mysterious perfume. She twitched her nose in an alert way. Hua Rong said, "Xiaojie, what's wrong with you?" "I smell perfume," said Bai Xiaojie. Hua Rong also twitched his nose and then said, pump tube ,custom cosmetic packaging, "Where did the perfume come from? Are you hallucinating?" Bai Xiaojie said, "I really smell perfume. I won't lie to you. There must be something wrong with your nose." Hua Rong said, "Well, go to sleep. Don't be suspicious." "It really smells like perfume," said Bai Xiaojie. Hua Rong said, "Well, so what?"? Are you afraid? Bai Xiaojie said, "I am not afraid if you are here. If you are not here, I am afraid." "It's almost dawn," said Hua Rong. "I should go." Bai Xiaojie hugged him tightly and said, "I won't let you go. I won't let you go." Hua Rong says: "You are not my wife, wait for which day you become my wife, I won't go, will accompany you to sleep all the time, understand?" Bai Xiaojie said, "You are so old-fashioned." Hua Rong said, "Whatever you say, I should go."|xt. Small . Shuo Tian + Tang Chapter 17 take out his heart to see if it is red or black (1) It takes two hours to drive from the city to Qingbi Villa Resort in suburban counties, mainly dozens of kilometers without expressway. Along the way, Yang Hong and Zhao Lu chattered like two female ducks. When they are together, they always have endless words, company affairs-clothes-jewelry-movies-the Internet-all kinds of gossip-and so on, rambling, how can not be finished, they are not in danger of this trip. Therefore, they did not feel sad for more than two hours, but felt that they had arrived at Qingbi Villa soon. Qingbi Mountain Villa is located in the mountains. Among the huge hillside woodlands, there are various hot spring pools, which are full of hot air, like a fairyland. There are also small wooden houses, which are like scenes in fairy tales. The temperature of Qingbi Villa is several degrees lower than that in the city, and now it is warm and cold. After getting off the bus, they all put on their coats. This is a good time to soak in the hot spring, which is a little cool on the shore and warm and pleasant after entering the water. The service here is very good. After they checked in, a beautiful girl in a green silk cheongsam took them to the cabin, and two male waiters behind them carried their luggage. Yang Hong said: "The girl's figure is really good." Zhao Lu smiles: "Yes, you see that buttocks, is simply too perfect.". Even my mouth is watering when I see it. I don't believe that any man will not be moved when he sees it. Yang Hong also smiled: "You are lustful." Zhao Lu said, "Colorless is not happy." Yang Hong suddenly said plaintively, "If I had such a devil figure, would I have married early?" Zhao Lu said: "In fact, you are also very beautiful. It's all your fault that you have a high vision. How many good men have you missed?" Yang Hong said: "Do not say, do not say, when it comes to men on the gas, men are pigs, do not talk about it, so as not to destroy our good mood." "All right,empty lotion tubes, let's not talk about it," said Zhao Lu. Under the guidance of the beautiful girl, they walked through the cobblestone path in the forest and came to a small wooden house.

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