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Prayer Request: A good husband is like a fertile wife. I am Huanruo.

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A good husband is like a fertile wife. I am Huanruo. (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Gao Hanyan sneered, "When I was twelve years old, I began to advise my father in officialdom. When I was fifteen years old, I began to do business by myself. The money came into my hands like running water. Then I sought a higher official position for my father. In this way, my status rose with the tide, and I had more convenience to do more profitable business. So the capital in my hands became very rich. My father was also a great minister.". This is my strategy and my means. How much effort and means did I spend to climb to the position of the long princess step by step? How can I feel at ease if I ask a stupid woman to destroy everything with a knife? Fu Qingshan listened to her soul-stirring, from the middle-aged woman's eyebrows to see the unrepentant devil gradually bulging between his eyebrows, but her truth was like a mirror shining on his inner discord. He has an empty heart of retribution, but in the end he submits to the hidden rules of officialdom. He has an empty heart of cynicism, but he is in cahoots with this devilish woman. He clearly saw the dirty and evil in his heart, but just as he did not look back when he was in Fucun and when he was in Zhongshufu, he still had to go forward with indomitable will for the blood shame that could not be washed away. However, Gao Hanyan this person, is no longer able to contaminate. Fu Qingshan gently pushed away Gao Hanyan, who was leaning against him. He brushed his sleeve and said, "If you want to achieve something, we are neither enemies nor friends. But if it's good for me, I may help you. Tell me about it." Gao Hanyan wiped the corners of her eyes and sat upright again. "I'm going to kill that village woman," she said. Chapter 86 Han Qin was already used to seeing these superficial articles. He nodded numbly and looked at the side hall where Miaojing had just jumped down the steps. Then he saw a man coming out of the hall. He wore a large black gown with a long loose belt around his waist, and a pair of suede shoes with white soles and black faces. The man was in his early twenties,ibc spill containment pallet, with thick eyebrows, godly, thin-skinned phoenix eyes, a straight nose and slightly thick lips. At this time, he was frowning at the light and looking at Han Tan. Han Tan crossed his eyes and quickly dodged his eyes. When he saw Tang Mu jumping down the steps, he put his hands together and saluted, saying, "Amitabha,plastic pallet manufacturer, I've seen Lord Xiu Zhuan." Tang Mu put his hands together and returned the salute. He knelt down and stared at Han Qin behind him. "Jiao Jiao!" He called softly. Han Qin did not move, such as the back of the hand mercilessly pinched and pushed, Han Qin into the arms of Tang Mu. Tang Mu took advantage of the opportunity to embrace the little girl, who looked only seven or eight years old, on her lap. He grabbed one of her hands and looked at her eyebrows and eyes. When his eyes looked at the red mole on her jaw, he frowned slightly and whispered, "Your mother wrote that you liked to use your hand to buckle this mole. I thought you had already buckled it." Tang Ruxian, his elder sister, wrote to mention the little girl under her knee, and occasionally said, "She always complains that she has a bad mole on her lower jaw, and she likes to clasp it with her hand, but I can't stop it.". He had seen the little girl when she went to Liuzhou when she was two years old. Her tender face when she was young had changed, but the mole was still as beautiful as sand. Later, plastic pallet manufacturer ,collapsible bulk containers, Tang Mu also saw the portrait of the little girl growing up year by year in the letter sent by Tang Ruxian, which was not very similar to the little girl in front of him. In the portrait, the girl had pale eyebrows and a round face, but the little girl in front of her had round eyes and a yellow face, and she was somewhat mature. Not only Han Qin was worried at this time, but even the head of the nunnery was beating a drum in his heart. She and even the whole sect have been planning for more than a year to have a grand master in the capital, and this is just the beginning. The little girl, who looked like Liu Chen, was four years older than Liu Chen. But three years in prison have slowed the child's development. Although she is now twelve years old, she is only a little taller than Liu Chen, who is eight years old. Besides, she is thin and looks naturally smaller. You are more like your father! Tang Mu touched Han Qin's head, clenched her hand and whispered, "I thought you would like your mother, but in fact you are more like your father." When a stone fell from his heart, he bowed aside and clasped his hands together and said with a sigh, "It is the protection of the Buddha and Bodhisattva to ask Miss Liu to find her family again, and it is also the blessing of Tang Xiuzhuan himself.". ” Tang Mu pulled the hair behind Han Qin's forehead. If he knew what he was looking for, he stepped forward to help Tang Mu push aside a long hairless scar on Han Qin's right forehead and said, "This is it. It's a long cut. You can see it's just grown now." Sure enough, the scar was still the pink of a new wound. Tang Mu snorted and sighed: "It is indeed a very dangerous fatal wound." If this position hurts the brain, it will not endanger the life, which is the protection of the gods and Buddhas. Tang Mu covered Han Qin's hair and stood up with her in his arms. "Do you remember who you are?" He asked. Staring at it, Han Qin took out a few small golden flowers strung together from his bosom, a pair of round beads, a pair of olives, and a pair of long tails curved like small eggplants. Tang Mu took over and looked up at the soft sound of the jade pieces touching each other for a long time. Then he asked Han Qin, "Where did you hang them?" Han Tan shook his head and pointed to his head. "I forgot!" He said. So she did break her head because of that scar, so she forgot all about the past. Tang Mu, still sighing deeply, turned to Ru and said, "I'll take you away now. I also have all the details when the nunnery owner found Jiaojiao. I'd like to ask the nunnery owner to choose a day to go to the capital and explain them to me in detail." The head of the nunnery was overjoyed. When he saw Tang Mu striding away, he stepped forward and said, "Jiaojiao and the poor nun have a short but deep affection for each other. The poor nun will go to the capital in the near future to help Xiu Zhuan find out about Jiaojiao's assassination." Liu Chen's father, Liu Hao, was the largest shipbuilder in the coastal area of Fujian Province and opened the largest weaving line. All kinds of fancy fabrics woven by his improved weaving frame were exported to the East Ocean. Businessmen from inland to the Persian Gulf all knew Liu's weaving line. In such a wealthy family, after Tang Ruxian, a girl from the Tang family in the capital, married, she naturally called her slaves and maidservants rich and noble. However, she had not been pregnant for many years after her marriage, and later she had Liu Chen, a solitary seedling, who had dystocia when she gave birth, and could no longer bear children. The disease caused by childbirth is getting worse and worse,plastic bulk containers, and the Fujian area pays attention to more children and more happiness. After her illness, Liu Hao added several aunts one after another. Naturally, the door is not quiet.

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