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Prayer Request: Royal pet daughter-in-law by Caitian

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Royal pet daughter-in-law by Caitian (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Emperor Jiahe hit the evil and raised it for a long time. Several princes took turns to serve in front of the bed, and even the hunting was delayed. When the emperor was almost ready, he began to hunt again. The so-called dragon gives birth to nine different, eight prince Xiao Shaomin is not outstanding in the princes, he knows that no matter how hard he can not compete for the second brother and ten younger brother, also went to the competitive mind, hunting is not very keen. He is also seventeen or eighteen years old this year, but because the first few brothers have not been married, so the marriage has not been settled. But I know everything about men and women. There were not a few women traveling with the emperor, and many of them were beautiful women. Although Xiao Shaomin's ability is mediocre, he is always a legitimate son, and has the support of the rich queen and Xiao Shaojing. He is a standard diamond bachelor, and there are not a few ladies who want to be a princess. In this place is not as rigid as the capital, although men and women still have to abide by the defense, but have the intention to design, Xiao Shaomin or "encounter" a few ladies. One of them, Zheng Mingxiu, the daughter of Zuojun Dudufu Zheng Dudufu, came into his sight. Miss Zheng is fourteen years old. She is tall, white and beautiful,plastic pallet crates, especially her long legs, which make people drool when they see her. Each prince occupied a paddock to hunt, and Xiao Shaomin also had his own territory. That is Zheng Mingxiu went out hunting with the servants, just met a tiger, panicked and fled to Xiao Shaomin's territory, was saved by Xiao Shaomin. The hero saves the beauty. Rescued beauty naturally to express gratitude, one to two, two people will have many times of intersection,collapsible pallet box, Xiao Shaomin has always felt that Zheng Mingxiu seduced him without trace. Since he had tasted the taste of women, he was addicted to this way and could not extricate himself. Zheng Mingxiu's long legs swayed in front of him every day, which made him angry. However, regardless of his explicit hints, Zheng Mingxiu had always refused to welcome him and refused to let him really take advantage of him. [Txt full download wWw. 80 txt. Com] Zheng Mingxiu is not stupid, the so-called do not see the rabbit does not scatter the eagle, the status is uncertain, she will not give the body to the prince early. Xiao Shaomin's heart was tickled and felt very uncomfortable. Who would have thought that if you didn't eat the mutton, you would be coquettish. I don't know who spread this matter to the ears of Emperor Jiahe. Emperor Jiahe called him over and scolded him, saying that he was ignorant and only knew how to fool around with some dubious women all day long. He also warned him that if he ranked last in this hunting trip, Emperor Jiahe would pull him out and beat him thirty times. Xiao Shaomin was scolded, came out of the emperor's palace, and was carried to the money queen there for some education. Queen Qian told him that none of the women who came to him had any good things. They all went for his power and wealth. She told him that he must wake up and not be cheated by others. Then garrulous let him make progress, can not help his second brother to fight for power, plastic pallet crates ,drum spill pallet, at least can not drag his hind legs, scolded him for half an hour, Xiao Shaomin strong spirit to listen. Xiao Shaomin suffered from splint gas at both ends and returned to his yard with a belly full of fire. As soon as he sat down, his personal eunuch came in hurriedly with a letter. "A girl sent it just now, and asked Wang Ye to check it by name." Hsiao Shao-min was stupefied. When he opened the letter, he saw a line of beautiful handwriting written on the beautiful gold-sprinkled letter paper: "The red flower is the matchmaker. The lotus tent is warm and I hope you will come." Xiao Shaomin recognized that it was Zheng Mingxiu's handwriting. And Zheng Mingxiu really put a red flower in the letter. Turning over the back of the letter, there were a few squiggly lines, and I didn't know what they meant. Even if Xiao Shaomin is no longer ignorant, he also understands that Zheng Mingxiu is asking him to have a private meeting. In the past, he would have gone immediately, but today he had just been educated by the emperors and empresses, and he was afraid of offending the emperor and hesitated. But think of Zheng Mingxiu's long legs, he felt too pity. He wandered around the house until the second watch of the night. After all, he was a fine man. Supercerebrum He gritted his teeth and went out of the yard. He was afraid that the emperor would send someone to watch him, so he thought he was smart enough to change his clothes with the eunuch, and without the attendant, he sneaked out alone. Zheng Mingxiu made an appointment with him for a private meeting, but he didn't say the address. He took out the letter again and studied it carefully, as if the winding lines were actually a simple map. So he followed the path drawn on the map and found that what she had marked was indeed the camp of the viceroy of the left army. When he looked around, he found that there were several guards with knives outside the tent door, which was heavily guarded, and he could not get in at all. He had to hide aside and worry secretly. Something's wrong, he thought. If Zheng Mingxiu asked him to have an affair in his tent, how could he arrange a few bodyguards to protect the iron bucket here, isn't it here? Remembering the sentence "Red flowers are the matchmaker" written in Zheng Mingxiu's letter, he moved slightly in his heart. He took out the letter and looked at it carefully again. He followed the map and looked forward again. Finally, in an inconspicuous corner, he saw a small tent, which looked very inconspicuous, like a servant living there. At the top of the tent hung a small red flower, just like the one he held in his hand. Hsiao Shao-min was overjoyed and pleased with his intelligence. He sneaked over, lifted the curtain, and rushed in. "I'm coming, little baby!" He whispered. Before he could figure out what was going on, the man hiding behind the door slapped him in the back of the neck. Xiao Shaomin didn't even hum, but fell to the ground. A low laugh came from the tent: "This fool was taken in as expected. He found the sketch drawn by Master Wei." "Take that false letter first," said the other man. "It won't be easy to do anything until the other master comes. If we delay the master's great event, none of us can afford to suffer." On the other side of the camp, Princess Qing Hui, who had been riding and hunting outside all day, had just finished bathing, changed into a snow-white coat, and was about to rest. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. "Knock!"! Knock! Knock! Three in a row, each more hurried than the last. Who ah, Qing Hui princess's personal servant girl asked, there is no response outside. Strangely,plastic pallet price, she went over and opened the door, only to find that there was no ghost outside. Princess Qing Hui frowned and asked, "Who is it?" 。

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